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Improve quality of care and patient safety, supported on PShospital

Innovate, be different, become the leader

Efficiency and best results everyday, on an automatized friendly health care organization

An enviromentally friendly and paperless hospital, it's possible now !

Why PShospital ?

Quality of Care

When quality of care it's an important issue at your health organization, PShospital is your best decision.

Patient Safety

When Patient Safety is an important goal at a health organization, PShospital is a key player to achieve that.

Lead the Health Organizations

PShospital will take your Health Organization to the next level, improving efficiency, getting best results and differenciating from other organizations on your town, city or country. Become the Leader.

Enviromentally Friendly

Becoming an enviromentally friendly hospital, it's an important plus. Saving space and money, as a paperless organization it's another one. PShospital will take you to that next step.


Tech Specs

On your Server

You pick the best option for your organization, if you do have a data center, PShospital can be on your own server.

On the Cloud

The cloud, always an option. Our PShospital can be hosted for us, and ideal option for small and medium business

Innovative Design

Our graphic design team works very hard on daily basis, so each user have the most friendly and intuitive experience. We hope you enjoy PShospital!

Best User’s Experience

PShospital is the most complete EMR solution for health organizations, that includes all the medical, nursing and patient care processes the easiest way.


Functional Specs

PShospital is the solution for the automation of healthcare institutions adaptable to any organization.
Which includes, from the arrival of a patient in a clinic or hospital, its interaction with the entire patient care team, the nursing team and the medical team.
It will be an honor for our team to accompany you in your project of automation and optimization of your health center.
PShospital is the most innovative, easy to use and implement automation system for health organizations. Here are some of our features of our exclusive PShospital system.


We are the best option for the automation of your institution. If you are interested in acquiring our product or receiving detailed information about our plans, click HERE, fill out the form and soon one of our sales executives will contact you.

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